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Rolling Still Wellness is a women-owned, family-operated business in the high desert of Taos, New Mexico.  Our unforeseen journey into sanitizer began at the start of the Pandemic when our community needed us most. Already operating as a Craft Distillery, we were in a unique position to quickly pivot production from making spirits to batching sanitizer. We created a unique formula and began hosting local weekly giveaways to address the shortage and provide our town with a safe and essential product. We offer an effective, multi-use hand sanitizer made from plant-based ingredients, combined with the purest water from the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Whether crafting sanitizer or spirits, our ethos is the same: produce a high-quality product infused with sustainably harvested local ingredients that celebrates the essence and culture of New Mexico. With so many hazardous sanitizers on the market, it was essential to create a potent yet safe, FDA-registered product to help support and maintain wellness in our community and beyond.

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